Type One Racing
      Bringing The Hope      
I never thought that I would make an impact on the lives of people living with T1D. I was afraid, just like anyone else would be. My parent and sister told me that I would be fine, I could still race motocross, and I believed them but I was still worried about this new way of life. Would I really still be able to race? What would I do without it? Moments before being released a JDRF representative stopped by with their 'Bag of Hope'. My worries were taken away when she told me she had lived with T1D for 15 healthy, physically active years, and she was a mountain climber! Those moments, just before leaving the hospital and starting this new life, I told my family I would 'bring the hope', just as the representative had done for me. I would 'bring the hope' to other kids with T1D through motocross. I would be living proof that YES, YOU CAN. eleven years later. I have moved onto other things....  TYPE ONE RACING is still here because a community- all of you- stood behind a then 10 year old's dream and made it their dream too. You all still do. Family and friends, the Type One Racing Crew, each and every one of our amazing sponsors, members of the Diabetic community; THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN US & ALL OF THE KIDS WE HELP. We are definitely 'Bringing the Hope' and making a difference! I can never thank you enough' - RILEY JENSEN  Type One  Racing 15x.